Friday Favorites


1. Chocolate oat crumble—yes mam!

2. Such a good treat bag for V Day

3. haha…these totally bring me back. I can’t believe how much the world has changed in such a little amount of time

4. Yes…Saved by the Bell was my jam

5. Cures for the common smell-good thing to keep handy

6. I might be old but I didn’t even know Palentine’s was a word—but here’s a bunch of cards good for a pal on V-Day including one of mine!

7. Great info—vacation mode+Etsy

8. I’m originally from Buffalo, NY and this is absolutely perfect


My favorite podcasts as of late

2743534799_86bcea8475_o copyI wrote a post a while back about podcasts and how important they are to me throughout the day and since then, podcasts have taken over the world. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but the popularity of podcasting has really taken off and now so many of my favorite bloggers are also podcasting – which makes me happy dance all the way to the studio everyday. I follow blogs because they entertain me, they educate me, they help me learn about trends and popular ideas, they show me an “insiders view” into some of my small business idols and I learn so SO much as a business owner. Now I get to actually listen to their stories, their hurtles and struggles, their accomplishments, their days and their goals. It’s a whole new world and I love it. Recently, I’ve heard rumors and mumbles that blogs are going to be a thing of the past and podcasts are the new, up and coming thing, but I hope not. I think there is a place for both of these in the world. Here are a few of my favorite podcasts that I listen to all the time and “patiently” wait for a new episode to go live.

This American Life-forever one of my favorites

Serial-seriously, please hurry because my life has been forever changed by this podcast

Radiolab-science meets culture

Planet Money-economic talk makes me want to scratch my eyes out, this is totally different

Joy the Baker-get ready to laugh your ass off and then hope they will just be your friends for god sake

Radio Diaries-real people talk

After the Jump-Grace Bonney interviews—love!

Elise Gets Crafty-interviews with creative people

Love & Radio-Real people, real talk

Creative Start-weekly interviews with creative entrepreneurs

Invisibilia-all about invisible forces that control human behavior

AIM with Kari Chapin-all about running a business

Being Boss-a podcast for creative entrepreneurs

I mean, there are even more, but these are my constant. What are some podcasts that you listen to?

The Bookshelf – Number the Stars by Lois Lowry


I made a goal this year to read all of the Newbery Award Winning Books. I’ve had this on my “to-do” list since as far back as I can remember. I was an Education major during graduate school, and I took an adolescent literature class where we spent the semester reading young adult lit. It was the first time I gained an appreciation for YA authors and YA plots and ever since, I’ve wanted to spend more time with these books. So this is the year and here is the first book. It was a good one…a really good one. I’m hoping the others can hold up…

This story is shown through the eyes of a 10 year old little girl, Annemarie and deals with the Danish Resistance smuggling nearly all of the Jewish population of Denmark across the sea to Sweden and to safety.

WHAT DID I THINK? I LOVED this book! I’ve always had a huge interest in the Holocaust. When I was young, my Dad gave me an old copy of The Diary of Anne Frank and I would spend hours in my room reading this book, take it with me everywhere I went and read it over and over again. This story is told from a child’s perspective as well and shows the innocence of children, but also shows just how quickly the children of the Holocaust had to grow up and deal with issues I couldn’t even begin to imagine as a 10 year old. It’s a great book for children and adults alike and I totally understand why it won the Newbery Award in 1990.

Friday Favs


1. Game day snacks are the best—except when you’re on the 21 day fix. Sigh…but I hope you all enjoy!

2. It might be time for me to re-do my studio too. Such great ideas here

3. You had me as biscuits

4. These photos are totally, big time, swoon-worthy

5. hahaha…I do have a private, old yahoo account that I’ve been wanting to get rid of. This has helped me make that happen

6. Awesome insight into people is seeing what they read on the subway

7. I’m starving—this doesn’t help one little bit

8. My card was featured in Huffington Post, my card was featured in Huffington Post!

That’s all folks! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Right Now…


WORKING like crazy on Valentine’s Day card orders

LOVING my little family

BRAINSTORMING my new big venture for PAGEFIFTYFIVE-it’s big and I’m excited!

WORKING out with a trainer and pretty much sore

FOLLOWING the 21 day fix eating plan and excited—this is my year

READING all of the Newbery Award Winners

WATCHING all seasons of Gilmore Girls over and over—thanks Netflix

EXCITED for the SuperBowl-who is playing? Let’s get real…I just like friends and a party

THINKING about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day already

LOOKING for a new house, but also knowing if it’s suppose to happen, it’ll happen

RESEARCHING new healthy recipes

HOPING for a snowshoe adventure this winter (COME ON SNOW!)

WAITING “patiently” for a new Serial to come out