First Posts and Cupcakes


Hi everyone and welcome to my little part of the world! I’ve always wanted to share my ideas, inspirations, views, art, creative ventures, DIY’s, failures and successes with people, but was apprehensive for all sorts of reasons. Do I want to open myself up to the world like that? Do I have enough confidence in my writing ability to take this on? Am I interesting enough to pull this off? Will I stick with it? Am I knowledgeable enough to make a blog look good? The truth is…I’m not sure. And I think that’s okay. In fact, I think it’s beyond okay. I had a professor that used to tell me, “just start. You can be the shittiest of the shitty, but you’ll never know the amazing unless you start.” I wrote those words down in my journal and every time I felt a little apprehensive about a step I was taking…those words inspired me to just go for it and see what happens. Those words never failed me, so I think I’ll go with them again and just start. Shitty or spectacular—-blog world, here I come!

Oh and this wasn’t a necessarily planned thing (because planning ahead is not necessarily my strong suit…I’m working on that), but it so happens to be PAGEFIFTYFIVE’s first birthday today! One year ago today I started a paper goods company with the same motto…shitty or not here I come! Well…with a TON of work, time, learning, some laughs and some tears, energy, creativity, love and support from so many people, this one is certainly paying off! I couldn’t be happier or more proud for what this business has become in this past year. Looks like that old, sailor-mouthed professor was right…if you just start, some pretty amazing things may happen!


So cheers to the past 12 months-and to the next twelve more to come!


6 thoughts on “First Posts and Cupcakes

  1. Congrats on your first birthday and a new adventure! I completely understand all your questions and self-doubts.. was there not too long ago and a few months down the line, I keep finding firmer ground to stand on blog-wise. Looking forward to following your journey!

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