Learning As I Go

25 things I’ve learned since starting PAGEFIFTYFIVE


1.There is much less time in a day than I think (hence #2)

2.Time management is key

3. Etsy is life changing…literally

4. Morning showers are optional, but showering at some point during the day should happen

5. Nothing beats a good list (except maybe crossing off items on said list)

6. I have a lot of confidence behind a computer screen, but when I have to be face-to-face with a client…I’m scared shitless

7. Water-I live in Colorado. I must drink enough water or my head will likely explode by the end of the day

8. I like being around people, but I’m learning to enjoy being alone too (although without NPR and This American Life, I’d go crazy)

9. Just because you own your own business, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need or deserve a break sometimes

10. It’s REALLY important for me to get out of the house at least once during the day. Thank the baby Jesus for post office runs

11. I am learning to be confident in what I do for a career. Some people may not understand, some may judge, some may even look down on me-and it used to hurt. But I can now say, with confidence, I have never worked so hard in my life and I’m really proud of what I do

12. I’m an artist (this is probably the biggest lesson I have learned)

13. Always, always, always have a notebook on hand…you never know when inspiration will strike

14. I’m a Mac girl all the way

15. I’m not very good at thinking ahead. “Oh it’s Christmas in 6 months, I better start making cards.”-that thought NEVER crosses my mind. It needs to start

16. My bike is crucial to my happiness

17. Paper choices are confusing. But maybe not as confusing as printer choices, or envelope choices, or shipping choices, or packaging choices, or ink choices, or tape choices—Oye Vey

18. You can’t make everyone happy, so don’t even try

19. Projects “just for fun” are as important as projects for my business

20. Craft shows can be hit or miss in terms of profit. It’s the experience that really makes them worthwhile

21. If I am proud of my work…others will take notice

22. Taking care of finances is my equivalent of sitting down for coffee with the devil. I’ve learned that I need to get better at coffee talk

23. Growing a creative business takes time and success doesn’t happen overnight. I remind myself of that regularly

24. Social media and branding my business is very, very important

25. Living a creative and happy life is my number one priority-and it doesn’t get much better than this!


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