The Trip of a Lifetime

I went on an amazing trip last week to the Pacific Northwest so I thought I’d share some pictures with all of you! If you’ve never been to this area (I hadn’t ever been there until last week) I highly suggest it! It’s full of water, trees, life (literally, I forgot about moss from living in Colorado until I saw something bizarre and green growing on the backs of every stop sign and realized what it was), amazing people, fantastic food, picturesque camping spots and my new favorite city of all times…Portland!

The trip lasted 8 days and included:

1. Portland, OR

2. Bend, OR

2. Crater Lake

3. Corvallis, OR

4. Back to Portland, OR for 2 days-I told you I couldn’t get enough

5. Cannon Beach

6. Seattle, WA

I knew I found my sort of heaven...

I knew I found my sort of heaven…bikes, beer and coffee-yes please!




McMenamins are all over the area and so fun! I highly suggest you try to stay there if you can (but book early…they go fast)

Crater Lake

Crater Lake-deepest lake in the US. Did you know that this was a volcano that collapsed?! Crazy!


Loved this spot!

Powells...doesn't get any better than this or a book lover.

Powells…doesn’t get any better than this for a book lover





Voodoo Doughnuts…SO worth the wait


Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach aka the set for Goonies


low tide was like the science lesson I never had



oh hey Seattle



They really throw the fish…just like the movies and shows say they do 😉


Fremont Troll

There you have it! I have hundreds of pictures, but these are just a few to show the main staples of the trip. If you ever get a chance to go-do it! Actually, you should make the chance to go…you won’t regret this part of the US and all that it has to offer.


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