Friday Favs!


I LOVE lists…and love discovering interesting little tidbits around the internet. So I thought it would be neat to post all my favorite finds each week and share them with you. Here is the first “Friday Favs” post. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Joy the Baker Podcast. These girls make me laugh out loud. Like, make a scene laughing on the treadmill at the gym, people staring at me, kind of funny.
  2. Apple Facts–who knew?!
  3. I’m reading this book…and its completely changing the way I live my life
  4. Is anyone else as obsessed as I am with Orange is the new Black and anxiously awaiting Season 2?!
  5. I die! The World’s Smallest Post Service
  6. I am Instagram obsessed
  7. hahaha…Have you seen this karaoke at the gas pump? I literally almost peed my pants
  8. Goop. Recipes, travel guides, fashion, wellness, life tips and so much more by Gwyneth Paltrow
  9. Daily email with the latest news! Quick, understandable and simple. I LOVE Skimm’s daily emails. PS Did you know the two girls that run Skimm are roommates and take turns sleeping so they can keep up to date on the latest news?! I learned this on Joy the Bakers’s podcast
  10. What will you do with your free time? Makes me want to spend at least some of my time eating jelly beans
  11. This gives me hope

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