Friday Favs!


Some of this week’s favorites are here! Check them out!

  1. This pizza will be happening next week. We used to eat something similar at the Cheese Board Pizza Co-op in Berkeley and it’s to die for!
  2. Wolverine Farm Publishing and Bookstore is fantastic! They carry my greeting cards and I just started volunteering here too. If I was a shop…I’d be Wolverine-hands down.
  3. Fall is coming, and that means pumpkins, sweater weather, tea and these! These are a must this Fall.
  4. Need a business plan? Here’s a way to write one in under an hour! Just my style…
  5. So cute! Elbow patches make me smile.
  6. Clementine Daily…it doesn’t get more beautifully designed than this.
  7. What I’m currently reading
  8. It’s been raining and flooding in Colorado this week. We are not used to this and flash flooding is a scary thing! Here’s a little something to brighten up a soggy situation.
  9. Embroidery love
  10. Urban farming at its finest in Oakland, CA

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