Colorado Flood Updates

Hi Everyone! I’m sorry I was MIA this week, but I have good reason. Colorado has been flooding…majorly flooding! I’ve been away from home, glued to the news reports, checking on friends, manning our house to prevent the water from coming in and checking on orders that got lost during the flood. Thankfully, everything here in Fort Collins has dried up for the most part, but there are other parts of Colorado where people are still under water, have lost their homes, or are cleaning up what’s left of their neighborhood. It’s all devastating and makes my heart ache. In my “humble opinion,” this is the BEST place on Earth, and it’s scary and sad to see what has been going on here for the last week. But, Coloradans are amazing people who live through floods, insane wild fires, droughts and blizzards…it definitely won’t keep us down (but MAY slow blogging for a bit). Here are some pictures of our neighborhood where the floods took over and swamped the buildings and homes.






And here are some  aerial views of the flood devastation. Please keep sending well wishes to Colorado—we will prevail, but it’s going to be a long road ahead for so many.


2 thoughts on “Colorado Flood Updates

  1. Whilst the pictures are awesome, they’re also very scary with the amount of water seen! My heart goes out to everyone affected by the floods. Glad to hear you guys are ok though. Sending good wishes and lots of strength to those who will need to rebuild 😦

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