Friday Favs!


Here are some of my favorites this past week. Enjoy!

  1. I could get lost here forever and a day
  2. Ummm…what?! These make my mouth water just looking at them
  3. There is such honesty in these photos. It really makes you think about the human connection
  4.  I’ll be selling here on October 5th and I’m pumped (along with a little bit nervous. Okay…a lot nervous)
  5. I nearly peed my pants reading this. So true for me and my friends
  6. I literally can not stop listening to this song. It’s almost unhealthy how much I love it! Enjoy
  7. Way cute over here…ideas are racing around this noggin for sure
  8. I want everything this shop has to give…and more
  9. This is the next woodworking project. We have a community garden in our neighborhood and I think this will be the perfect addition
  10. I just designed this new print and added it to the shop. I designed it for friends that just had a baby, and then I couldn’t resist making it available to everyone. Enjoy! PS Colorado is literally a square. Other states may be more “artistically appealing” <wink>

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