Friday Favs


Here’s the Friday list. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

1. I love doughnuts…a lot. Definitely more than I should

2. Gluten free, vegan, no bake cookies that are claiming to taste like girl scout cookies?! Count me in

3. Dr. Phil’s test…try it! Oprah got 38

4. No more Barilla in this family

5. I can’t even stand how cute this is. It brings a little tear to my eyes every time I watch it

6.  Test your color vision

7. Build your own letterpress. We did and it works!

8. Food hacks that are life changing. Ready, set, go

9. Good advice to live a good life

10. Breaking Bad is a little secret obsession in this household. We caught on to this fad recently (waaaay after everyone else-as per usual). PS We also JUST got a wii balance board. Told you we are always a little behind the times

11. Linocut swooning


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