The People’s Market

Set up at The People’s Market

On Saturday I participated in The People’s Market, which is a small craft show that takes place once a year in Loveland, Colorado. It’s fantastic, the people are great, the location is always wonderful and the idea behind it is even better. The point of The People’s Market is to have a venue where people sell their handmade goods (like myself) AND a place where people can barter their goods/garden harvest/clothing, etc. What a great idea! It works just as it’s suppose to. Crafters aren’t there to make a million dollars, but instead participate in the community aspect that is The People’s Market. The day was beautiful, the sunshine was out, the other vendors were friendly and fantastic and the music was out of this world. All in all, it was a good day. Oh, and I left with a profit…always a good thing.

I also wanted to update everyone on some other shows I am participating in this year:

1. Night on the Town (Feed and Grain Mill-October 11th) Loveland, CO

2. Horseshoe Market -This Saturday (46th and Tennyson-October 5th) Denver, CO

3. Garfield Elementary Winter Market  (720 Colorado Ave-December 7th) Loveland, CO

4. The Freedom Market (144 N. College Ave.-December 14th) Fort Collins, CO **still waiting to hear if I got in**

Do any of you participate in craft shows? I’d love to hear what you think about them, some must-haves to bring with you, and any suggestions to make the craft show experience even better! Leave any comments below…I’d love to hear from you!



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