Friday Favorites!

IMG_4748I can’t believe this is already the 7th Friday favorites post! Time is flying…I just hope I get some time to catch up with it soon. In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorite finds from this week and have a fantastic weekend! That’s my plan too.

  1. Awesome beer glasses on Etsy
  2. 30 lessons-some of these are soooo true
  3. Yep…most of these define my childhood
  4. All of my Buffalo, New York friends-check these out! I’m considering a trip back home just to explore this list
  5. E-courses are the new normal and I’m jumping on the trend
  6. For all of us Etsy sellers out there that make treasuries-there is hope
  7. haha…1st world problems 
  8. Bike lane problems-good point, but ouch!
  9. Rice pudding—yes, please
  10. Great app for counting calories and keeping track of your goals
  11. Custom state embroidery hoops…swoon

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