Here we are, another week has flown by! Is this really what owning your own business does? Time just seems to fly by, you hold on and hope for more days in the week, more hours in the day, more minutes in the hour?! Crazy how beautifully chaotic life is right now. On Monday, I volunteered in the afternoon at Wolverine Farm, biked home in a windstorm and had to get a bunch of orders out the door. Tuesday was the dentist (blah), Wednesday I met with my Etsy group and threw ideas and inspiration back and forth and Thursday by printer broke. Ugh…like broke, broke. That thing is my bloodline (well, in terms of PAGEFIFTYFIVE). So after hours on the phone, half of my brand new packages of ink used up on test prints & printer head cleaning, and many, MANY tears later, I am left patiently waiting for a new printer to be delivered. So…today, I write a blog post, grab a cup of coffee, do some new designs and take a breath. Breathing is always a good thing. Enjoy and happy Friday!

  1. Looking to buy a bicycle online, but a little unsure about your size? Here you go-it’s a perfect chart
  2. Journal Making the Japanese way
  3. Postcrossing—why haven’t I joined this yet?!
  4. Embroidery techniques for beginners-some fantastic resources are here
  5. Beautiful palettes to get you inspired
  6. I have no words for how amazing these creative parents are-this is Halloween at its finest
  7. I love this blog-you should too
  8. Ummm….pretzel bread bowls. I have no words
  9. Exercise routines-you are the devil
  10. I’m taking a calligraphy class from Molly and am really, REALLY excited! Just waiting for the supplies in the mail. Eeeee….
  11. I also just released the holiday card collection this week! Get them while they’re hot!

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