Get Growin

I am constantly between a rock and a hard place when it comes to indoor plants. Here’s the dilemma. I LOVE plants and greenery and living things in my home, but I suck at keeping them alive. I over water, I underwater, I prune when I should let it do its thing, I let it do its thing when I should prune. It’s  never-ending battle in my head whether or not to get plants. But here’s the thing…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. So this is my new resolution. I will buy plants, I will have beautiful plants in my house and I will research what plants are best for a plant caretaker like me. I will talk to my plants and put them into beautiful containers. BUT I will also acknowledge that my thumb is not green, so it may be a large learning curve for me-and I’m okay with that. Here are some fantastic finds that I discovered on Etsy-and now I’m inspired!

1. Optical Conclusions  2. Succulent Oasis 3. Rough Fusion 4. Wearable Planter 5. Prickle Farm


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