Friday Favs!


Here are some of this weeks favorite little tid-bits from around the web. Enjoy and happy weekend!

  1. I did this art for my house…love it
  2. We are pizza lovers! This will just help the “addiction”
  3. We are constantly trying to figure out bike storage in our house. Here’s some great ideas
  4. I opened a Storenvy shop this week! I’ll still be on Etsy and use it as my main shop-I LOVE Etsy, but I’m looking to let PAGEFIFTYFIVE soar to new heights…this will help
  5. Homemade Twix bars…I am speechless
  6. Love this book. I mean…LOVE this book
  7. Patiently waiting for the library to get this book
  8. Making goals for my calligraphy to look like this
  9. We are addicted to watching shows in marathon mode (think Breaking bad, Orange is the New Black, Homeland). This one is next I think
  10. The golden rules all of us creatives should follow

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