Friday Favs


It’s that day of the week already…FRIDAY!

  1. The internet is both a blessing and a curse…here’s a great article on how to have a good relationship with it
  2. Being an entrepreneur is fantastic…but not without struggles
  3. I am obsessed with this art…check it out
  4. A DIY that’s definitely on my list…stay tuned for a blog post on it
  5. You had me at rosemary syrup
  6.  We have an iron skillet and this little cleaning trick is life-changing. Well, at least for the skillet it is
  7. Yes! On the list (hint, hint, Christmas is coming)
  8. You had me at soup
  9. A little article on being late
  10. Halloween used to be creepier…WAY creepier
  11. These photos will make you cry, and then make you believe in humanity

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! If you like what you’re seeing, make sure to follow this blog, tell your friends, follow me on Facebook and check out my Etsy shop!


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