Friday Favs!


It really seems like all I do is blink, and here I am writing another Friday Favs post and wishing for more time in the day! I have been crazy busy this week with Etsy orders, consignment orders, designing new products and making custom embroidery hoops for customers—life is good! Buuuut…I’m never too busy to browse the web and see whats going on outside the 4 walls of my studio. So here it it-this weeks Friday Favs!

  1. 4 simple goals. Simple, concise, doable and happening for 2014
  2. Holidays are in full swing around PAGEFIFTYFIVE, so I’m in the gift buying/present making/holiday thinking mode too. Here’s a great way to give the gift that some people want (aka those teenagers in your life) and still bring a little holiday spirit
  3. I discovered this man somehow, watched this video and am hooked. I always had dreams of being a photographer
  4. Hehe…it’s true. You know who you are
  5. This is something that I participated in last year and it was AMAZING! There is still time to join and I highly suggest it! Giving out free books just makes you feel good
  6. Crazy and amazing and a beautiful story
  7. We do a really good job in this house with making eco-friendly choices. But paper towels are still bought, used to dry off lettuce or to wipe up a spill and thrown away. Here’s a way to remedy this situation
  8. After many grueling hours of research, planning and test-runs, notepads have been introduced to PAGEFIFTYFIVE. I’m ecstatic, can you tell?

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