Introducing Buttons to PAGEFIFTYFIVE


I am constantly thinking up new items to introduce to PAGEFIFTYFIVE. After introducing notepads earlier this month, I got to thinking what other paper goods would be fun to add in time for the holiday season. Buttons…aha! When PAGEFIFTYFIVE was only a dream, I researched button machines, drew up designs, asked friends, family, co-workers and even some strangers what size button they would prefer, and searched online for a used button machine. Well…some time has gone by since then (and a lot of other items have been introduced to PAGEFIFTYFIVE  since then too), but I thought this holiday season was a perfect time to introduce 1 inch pinback buttons to all of you! I can’t be more excited for these! I  just want to cover everything that I can with buttons..would that be weird? Maybe, but I’m that excited hehe.

1. I love books buttons 2. love buttons 3. bike buttons 4. local love buttons 5. heart buttons 6. Colorado love buttons 7. feminism buttons   8. I love veggies buttons 9. equal rights buttons


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