Friday Favs!


It’s Friday…the day after the most filling time of the year! I am recuperating from a day filled with friends, fun, drinks and food…a lot of food.  Here are some Friday Favs I’ve found this week that I had to share. Hopefully you get some time in-between all your Black Friday deals to grab a cup of coffee, enjoy the Friday Favs and relax!

  1. This video is inspiring…it made me cry. We all want to live a passionate life-I see myself in him and it makes me happy.
  2. Some great DIY’s to try! Now just to decide which one to start with first.
  3. Sweet Potato Pie—delish!
  4. hehe…so true! Sometimes, I wish cellphones didn’t exist (and then I go check Instagram, google directions, text 15 friends at once and check my Etsy shop from my phone—oye).
  5. There are no words to how beautiful this video is.
  6. Touching photos that will be sure to bring a tear (or in my case, 100’s of tears)
  7. This blog is inspiring
  8. We use this recipe a lot. Homemade yogurt—there’s something special about that.
  9. Show the world your magic—great words of advice and inspiration.

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