DIY Ornaments

Since I was little, I have always made a point to make holiday gifts for family and friends. But I also seem to make a point to be sitting on the floor on Christmas eve, surrounded by paper, fabric, glue and wrapping paper, frazzled and panicking because the craft stores are all closed and I need more washi tape! Have a good picture?! haha. This year, I have promised myself to shop locally or on Etsy and/or make ALL of our Christmas presents—and that takes even more planning and time than usual. In my research (read:procrastinating going to the gym) I came across a bunch of fantastic ornament DIY’s that are definitely going to be included in many presents this coming holiday, so I thought I’d share some of them with you!

*Twig Tree Ornament*Yarn Wreath Ornament*Monogrammed Ornament*Felt Tree Ornament*Cinnamon Dough Ornament*                     Shrinky Dink Ornament*Clay Ornament*Felt Ball Ornament*

Are you planning on making gifts this year? Comment below and let me know what your plan is!


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