Friday Favs


Week 15?! I can’t believe that this is the 15th week of writing my Friday Favorites to share with all of you. Here are some of my favorites from this week. PS it’s been snowing and freezing here in Colorado. It’s making me a creating, snuggling, tea-loving fool!

  1. I mean, I’m a little far from 40 (not really) but so many of these ring true or I can see them RIGHT around the corner
  2. Wow…some of these stunned me
  3. Where children sleep–it’s pretty eye-opening
  4. I am in awe with these shadow sculptures. Literally…in awe
  5. Some delicious holiday cocktails. Mmmm…
  6. Holiday garland—easy and definitely on the list for this weekend. We are getting our tree!
  7. PAGEFIFTYFIVE was included in holiday card blog post. It’s full of sarcastic, witty, funny and fantastic cards.
  8. I’m reading this right now. my dreams have been bizarre-o
  9. A print that epitomizes my goals in life
  10. Gifts for the food lover/gourmet in your life
  11. Obsessed with the holiday teas. I mean, obsessed
  12. Come follow me on Facebook. I’m having a give-away next week! Make sure you follow this blog and on FB to hear the details

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