Friday Favs


Hi Everyone! With the holidays in full swing, presents to be bought, trips to take, orders to finish, and lots of food and drinks to be had, this will be the last Friday Favs blog post of 2013. I can’t believe how fast this year flew by! I also can’t believe how excited I am to start 2014. There’s something about a fresh start, a clean slate that I love so much! So here’s to a fantastic holiday season and a happy new year! See you all in 2014…CHEERS!

  1. This video makes me wonder if I grew up in the right family
  2. Want to spruce up your wrapping this season? Here’s a DIY that’s sure to bring some fun
  3. Follow Planet Money through the entire life of a T-shirt. I was engrossed
  4. Be ready to weep with these photos
  5. More pretty packaging ideas-I’m obsessed with all of them
  6. Pistachio, Orange and Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls—what?!?!
  7. I just imagine this song in a video of a child’s first birthday party or a pre-birth video. Makes me cry—hard haha.
  8. How children change our perspective of the holidays 
  9. Teeny Tiny Origami Santas-love!
  10. You had me at strawberry cheesecake bites 
  11. Need a last minute gift idea—here you go!
  12. I wanted to make these for the holidays—doesn’t look like it’s happening. But maybe a Valentine’s day treat?
  13. Eeee…I will be at Renegade in San Francisco this year (just to shop) and can’t wait!!
  14. DIY Embroidery kits are in the shop!

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