Typewriter Prints

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

A while back I went into our local Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store to browse and look for hutch for my studio. As I was moseying around, I went into the office area and low and behold…I spotted a light teal, vintage looking typewriter in the corner of the room. My heart raced a little, but I quickly dismissed the hope that it was in good shape or would even work. But I went over to it anyway, lifted the case cover, banged on a few keys and it was like the vintage typewriter gods were smiling down on me. It worked! Then I felt another bout of sadness when I thought about how much this pristine, beautiful, working typewriter would cost. When I looked down at the price tag and saw $15.00 hastily written on a white small sticker, I picked up the typewriter, literally sprinted to the cashier, gave him a panicky smile and looked around (as if I was getting away with theft haha), spun the discount wheel (because they were having a sale that day), and left with a pristine, vintage, Olivetti underwood studio 44 typewriter under my arm for under 12 dollars! I was beyond ecstatic!

When I got it home, I immediately set it up in my studio,typed an “I love you forever and always” note for a special someone, took a few Instagram photos, and let it sit…for months, while only periodically typing out some free bookmark gifts for my Etsy customers. I knew it had a purpose, but at that time, I thought its purpose was to look beautiful on a shelf and help make my studio a home.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, a thought crossed my mind and a whole new line of prints for my Etsy shop was born! These 5×7 prints are hand typed on 100% recycled cards stock and contain different quotes that are sure to leave an imprint on your heart. I am in LOVE with these and so proud to be giving a renewed life to this beautiful vintage typewriter.

1. And suddenly you were my everything 2. Fitzgerald 3. Jane Austen 4. Hemingway

Check all of these prints out in my Etsy shop! Also, stay tuned…more will be heading into the shop soon–as soon as I figure out how to change the pesky ribbon! AND,  I’m always open to custom designs–just get in contact with me on Etsy or at melissamika55@gmail.com and we can chat!



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