Puppy Love


So, it’s official…a new little fur baby has entered my life! I had NO IDEA that having a puppy could bring this much joy and love into a person’s life. It actually hurts my heart–that’s how much I truly love her.

Here are some things that I’ve learned already:

1. When a puppy is calm at the shelter…don’t let her fool you! She will be back to her wild self in no time (and unbeknown to you, she MAY have just had her shots when you first meet. That might have been her ploy all along ;))

2. Puppies bite. They bite hard! I’m trying to nip that behavior asap

3. Especially if this is your first dog, you will go to the pet store and literally buy everything in sight (and then go back the next day for more). When they ask if you would  like the rewards card, say yes. It will pay off in no time.

4. The first few nights will be sleepless. It’s okay…it only lasts about 2-3 nights.

5. A leash can be your best friend (says the girl who let her puppy out and had to bark like a big, scary dog to get her puppy to stop sprinting away from her)

6. Socializing with other dogs is super important-it will pay off in the long run. Ellie lost her mind the first time she met dogs. Now she runs toward them like they are her best friend.

7. You will never truly understand unconditional love until you have a dog (I really think this is true).

8. Everything is new to your puppy when you first get them. It’s so fun to just watch them dunk their face in snow for the first time, see a bike ride by or hear the dishwasher go on. I’m enjoying every second of it.

9. Walks are a learned skill (for me and Ellie). But with persistence, it starts paying off!

10. Be prepared for your heart to overflow with love. Literally, I’ve cried multiple times because I love her so much. Wait…did I just turn into one of those dog people?!

So there you have it. Week 1 and both me and Ellie are learning, loving and enjoying everything that is each other!

P.S. We adopted Ellie from Lifeline Puppy Rescue. If you’re in Colorado, they are an amazing place with amazing volunteers and super adorable puppies just waiting to be loved!


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