PAGEFIFTYFIVE Holiday Cards Are Here

Over the past couple of months I have been crazily designing PAGEFIFTYFIVE’s  holiday line and getting them in the shop. A lot goes into creating a line like this, a lot of hours are put in, a few tears are shed and a lot of laughs are had, but truthfully, it is all so much frigin fun. I always keep a notebook on me and without a doubt, new holiday card ideas are being written down in January for the following year. This year, I tried to be more authentic in my line (read: I like to have some drinks during the holidays and don’t really give a damn if someone thinks swearing and Christmas don’t go hand in hand) but I also wanted to make sure the line consisted of ideas that a lot of people could relate to. I think this is my best line yet and I’m really excited for them to get into the hands of people who think that the holidays are a perfect time to be with those you love, get your fat pants on, have a few drinks and pretend gym memberships will be our resolution for 2015.

Let me know what you think! There are also a few other holiday cards in the shop! Check them all out here.

Cheers, Melissa

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