Making a schedule and sticking to it


So here is some real talk—I make daily schedules all day, everyday but have so much trouble sticking with them for one reason or another. Most of my days are haphazardly thrown together and all of a sudden it’s dark out and I’ve spent 3 hours messing around on social media, 2 hours cleaning the house, 2 hours at the gym and showering and then another hour watching TV (I can’t help it, The View totally sucks me in). That doesn’t leave a lot of time during the day for productivity—and it’s a real problem when your income and success is based solely on you and your productivity. I’ve been fighting this since the beginning and I think it’s something that a lot of us work-from-home entrepreneurs deal with on a regular basis. There is always a load of laundry to be washed, a neighbor coming over for a cup of coffee, a friend calling because they know you have your phone near you and can talk or a puppy that is begging to play. With all of that said though, I have tried really hard in the past couple of months to get organized and create more schedule-following in my daily routine and it’s working miracles! So I thought I’d share some tips I’ve figured out while going on this schedule-making journey.

Tip #1: Write out your schedule and post it in clear sight for you to see everyday. This way, it’s keeping you accountable and making you aware of where you’re suppose to be.

Tip #2: Tell your family and friends that you are struggling with keeping order in your day and ask them to only contact you at certain times or in the evening.

Tip #3: Schedule in time for exercise, eating lunch, playing with the dog, talking with your friend, etc.-I mean truthfully, this is the beauty of owning your own business!

Tip #4: Be realistic in your schedule. You can’t give yourself 20 minutes to get home from the gym, shower and eat lunch… that’s never going to happen. If you’re realistic, you’re more likely to stick with your schedule.

Tip #5: Be forgiving and flexible but also be aware. If you happen to get an important phone call during your scheduled “sketching time” it’s totally okay to take it. But just try not to make it a habit, or maybe switch the schedule around if you find that your time to quietly sketch out ideas is better toward the end of your day. Just be aware and then make appropriate changes to your schedule if need be.

Tip #6: At the end of the day, think about your next day’s schedule. Is there a meeting that you need to go to that is going to interfere with your order time? I’ve found that this is the best tip out of any I’ve given. Things are always coming up and if I’m aware of them the night before, I have plenty of time to rearrange my schedule then and still fit in everything else that needs to happen as well.

Do you have a daily schedule that you follow? What other tips can you give that help you when thinking about sticking with a routine and making your day flow smoothly and productively?


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