Snailmail love


Let’s be honest, I love snailmail (I am a greeting card designer after all) but there are reasons why email, texting, Facebook and Instagram have taken over the communication between you and your friends. It’s quicker for sure (says the girl that has a 10 year old pen-pal in Buffalo….we spend more time waiting for the next letter to arrive than I ever knew possible), there’s not too much thinking involved-just open your computer, write a letter and hit send, and it’s easier to just write it out and then edit it afterwards; there is much less thinking and planning involved. But there is something so special about handwriting a letter and with with a few simple tips and tricks, you can learn to love the art of writing a letter again too!

Tip #1: Get good pens that you love! I have spent years and years buying, using, loving and hating pens. Seriously…it gets a little weird, but there is something to be said about your choice of pen color, the feel of the pen in your hand, the tip of the pen, the way it writes on the paper…it’s about what you like, so experiment and see what works best for you!

Tip #2: Think through your message and jot down ideas on scrap paper instead of just getting right into it and writing directly on your final piece of paper. I tend to write down my entire letter on a piece of scrap paper first, but general ideas would work too.

Tip #3: Purchase notecards, stationery and greeting cards that call to you. Don’t just all willy nilly on a card that you picked up from the dollar store. Take pride in your paper and you’ll love the experience even more.

Tip #4: Get a good surface to write on. When I was a kid, I always loved to write on a hardcover book. I loved the little bit of give it gave and the size was just right to fit on my lap. Now, I love to write on the desk in my office. The surface, the lighting, the space—it’s all just right!

Tip #5: Lastly, enjoy the experience. There is nothing better than setting the mood to write by getting yourself a cup of tea, sitting down with your favorite pen in a great room, turning on some music and having a conversation with the person on the other end of that piece of paper.

At one point, people were talking about letter writing as a lost art form, but I definitely think things have changed for the better! In this crazy, fast-paced world, I think that people are learning to love the idea of sitting down, taking their time and writing out their thoughts on a piece of paper. They love the idea of putting a special stamp on their letter and then sending it off only to be reread days and days later. It’s a way to slow down the craziness and just enjoy the idea of words and thoughts.

Do you enjoy writing letters? Who are some of the people you enjoy writing to?

Long live snailmail!


One thought on “Snailmail love

  1. I love writing letters-mostly that are sent out of the blue. Also, I am completely with you about the give of writing on on a book-it’s funny how it really changes the feel of writing.

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