Goals of 2015

5416543588_5331965f78_oWell, here it is…the last post of 2015 and I figured it was only fitting that it be a goals post for the new year. I am a big fan of goals and checklists (and crossing things off those said lists). I constantly have anywhere from 4-10 lists going at a time and am forever trying to consolidate the lists. It’s really all a bit much at this point. Buuuutttt….what would the new year bring without a list of things to accomplish for the new year. It’s like a handshake with yourself for the upcoming year—and that idea I like. So here is mine for PAGEFIFTYFIVE, what are some of your goals for the coming year?


1. Build up social media big time

2. Participate in more craft markets

3. Delve deeper into the wholesale side of business

4. Create my own website

5. Keep good track of finances and set 1 day aside at the end of the month to assess and work on finances

6. Clear out computer of old files, music and photos

7. Continue to work on my blog

8. Create a tagline (think witty and quirky with a side of sarcasm)

9. Add 3 brand new items—in the works, stay tuned!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you in 2015!



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