THE BOOKSHELF-Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer


After Jam’s perfect, wonderful and magical relationship with Reese, she goes into a deep depression when he suddenly dies and she is left shattered, barely eating or getting out of bed. So her parents send her away to a boarding school in Vermont for “emotionally fragile, highly intelligent” teens to help her work through her situation. Although Jam isn’t happy about being there, she is chosen to be in a special English class where a small group of students study one author for the entire semester. The professor chooses Sylvia Plath for Jam’s class—interesting choice some may say. During the class, each student is given a journal to write in and when the students write in these journals—magical things happen.

WHAT DID I THINK? I really enjoyed this book. It’s certainly written for young adults and the book shows this at times, but it’s full of intrigue, twists, plot turns and revelations. It has tones of Sylvia Plath (which I loved) and it deals with issues that many kids (and many adults for that matter) deal with. Friendships, love, self-discovery, relationships and recovery. The best part of this book is that it shows the accountability of young love and the lasting impact it can have, for whatever reason, when things end.



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