Friday Favorites


1. Chocolate oat crumble—yes mam!

2. Such a good treat bag for V Day

3. haha…these totally bring me back. I can’t believe how much the world has changed in such a little amount of time

4. Yes…Saved by the Bell was my jam

5. Cures for the common smell-good thing to keep handy

6. I might be old but I didn’t even know Palentine’s was a word—but here’s a bunch of cards good for a pal on V-Day including one of mine!

7. Great info—vacation mode+Etsy

8. I’m originally from Buffalo, NY and this is absolutely perfect


Friday Favs


I’ve been a little crazed this week with Valentine’s Day orders and wholesale orders, but not too busy for a Friday Favorites post! These are really my favorite posts because I get to share all of my finds without annoying the crap out of everyone on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts ha. Hope you all have a great weekend!

1. Have you been to MADE in Jackson Hole, WY?! My cards are now available there and I’m beyond excited!

2. Did I tell you all that I started my 21 day challenge?! Well…I’m dying (but in a good way).

3. Yes! I’ve been wanting to make these forever

4. watercolor dip dye stationery DIY….yes!

5. For the love of god-get in my mouth

6. How to keep a clean house-I’m implementing this asap

7. breakfast burritos are my favorite things ever (and you can easily make them 21 day friendly)

8. Danielle from Merriweathercouncil shared some of her favorite creative people to follow on Instagram. Definitely some of the greats!

9. A great post about being busy

Friday Favorites


1. My word is SIMPLE this year, here are a list of others if you need a little help!

2. I ordered this and am starting as soon as it gets delivered. I’m psyched

3. Instagram tips for creative businesses

4. Valentines day cards are almost ready. Check out PAGEFIFTYFIVE for their reveal

5. A teens take on social media

6. The editing process of a movie is so cool

7. Anything that begins or ends with pizza has my heart

8. 10 homemade solutions for a healthier home and body

9. Sweet Potato deliciousness

Happy Friday!

Friday Favorites


Some of my favorite things from this week!

1. Pretzel Toffee Chocolate Bark…this is a real thing

2. Paper ornaments-perfect for your tree or last minute DIY gift!

3. I love these boxes

4. This is some gorgeous layering—is there an app for this?!

5. Yes…I can’t wait for this movie!

6. I have been obsessed with these origami stars and have been making them non-stop

7. DIY ornaments-excellent for a last minute gift

8. Some big things are happening at PAGEFIFTYFIVE in 2015 (not just gym memberships and donuts)—stay tuned!

9. Grapefruit margaritas—um, hell yeah!

10. I love these pillows—on the list

Friday Favs!


Favorite finds from this week!

1. Life in a small studio

2. Do you listen to The Moth? If not, you should be!

3. This remodel is fantastic

4. This family stuns me and makes me think daily

5. For people obsessed with Serial

6. I love this blog

7. On having a 9/11 birthday

8. These are my jam

9. Great video on Photoshop

10. Such a great, inspirational book

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!