Friday Favs


1. Game day snacks are the best—except when you’re on the 21 day fix. Sigh…but I hope you all enjoy!

2. It might be time for me to re-do my studio too. Such great ideas here

3. You had me as biscuits

4. These photos are totally, big time, swoon-worthy

5. hahaha…I do have a private, old yahoo account that I’ve been wanting to get rid of. This has helped me make that happen

6. Awesome insight into people is seeing what they read on the subway

7. I’m starving—this doesn’t help one little bit

8. My card was featured in Huffington Post, my card was featured in Huffington Post!

That’s all folks! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Valentine’s Day Cards Are Here!

No rest for the weary is apparently my theme for 2014. If you read my post the other day, then you’ll understand when I say that maybe I need to CREATE rest for myself once in a while haha. But honesty, I LOVE what I’m doing and couldn’t ask for anything else out of life, love or a career right now. Speaking of love (as well as lack of rest), I designed, printed and posted my 2014 Valentine’s Day line!! I am thrilled with how they turned out and couldn’t be more excited! Some are sweet, some are a bit risqué, some are funny, and all are made with love.