Right Now…


WORKING like crazy on Valentine’s Day card orders

LOVING my little family

BRAINSTORMING my new big venture for PAGEFIFTYFIVE-it’s big and I’m excited!

WORKING out with a trainer and pretty much sore every.single.day

FOLLOWING the 21 day fix eating plan and excited—this is my year

READING all of the Newbery Award Winners

WATCHING all seasons of Gilmore Girls over and over—thanks Netflix

EXCITED for the SuperBowl-who is playing? Let’s get real…I just like friends and a party

THINKING about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day already

LOOKING for a new house, but also knowing if it’s suppose to happen, it’ll happen

RESEARCHING new healthy recipes

HOPING for a snowshoe adventure this winter (COME ON SNOW!)

WAITING “patiently” for a new Serial to come out


Friday Favorites


1. My word is SIMPLE this year, here are a list of others if you need a little help!

2. I ordered this and am starting as soon as it gets delivered. I’m psyched

3. Instagram tips for creative businesses

4. Valentines day cards are almost ready. Check out PAGEFIFTYFIVE for their reveal

5. A teens take on social media

6. The editing process of a movie is so cool

7. Anything that begins or ends with pizza has my heart

8. 10 homemade solutions for a healthier home and body

9. Sweet Potato deliciousness

Happy Friday!

Happy 2015


It’s the new year and I’m off to a good start. I didn’t give in to my fomo (Fear of Missing Out) and I stayed home this New Year’s Eve. It was probably one of my best decisions and for the first time in a looooong time, I woke up feeling good, not hung over, in my own bed and ready to bring on the new year. I’ve said this before, but I’m not a huge fan of resolutions, but I really love lists, goals to accomplish in the new year and living with intention. I also love Ali Edward’s “One Little Word” and try to keep one word in mind the whole year through. Last year, my word was CREATE and it was a magical word and really kept me on track to live a creative life, both in my everyday life and in my business. This year, I have a few goals and intentions for the year that I wanted to share along with my own one little word. I’ve definitely learned that once I put it out into the universe (errr…blogland), I feel a more sincere sense of accountability. So here are my personal goals for 2015:

1. Continue going to the gym/working with a trainer 3x’s a week (at the minimum)

2. Spend 45 days in a row without sugar (longer if possible)

3. Read 40 books this year

4. Buy a home

5. Work as hard as I can on PAGEFIFTYFIVE and accomplish the goals I’ve created for it

6. Give more time and energy to my relationship-it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me…make sure to give it what it deserves everyday

7. Write more snailmail

8. Eat only whole foods everyday for 30 days, take a break and then continue. Do this for the year.

9. Live this year with my One Little Word in mind—SIMPLE

10. Start reading all of the Newbery Medal winners

What is one goal you have for 2015?

Friday Favorites


Some of my favorite things from this week!

1. Pretzel Toffee Chocolate Bark…this is a real thing

2. Paper ornaments-perfect for your tree or last minute DIY gift!

3. I love these boxes

4. This is some gorgeous layering—is there an app for this?!

5. Yes…I can’t wait for this movie!

6. I have been obsessed with these origami stars and have been making them non-stop

7. DIY ornaments-excellent for a last minute gift

8. Some big things are happening at PAGEFIFTYFIVE in 2015 (not just gym memberships and donuts)—stay tuned!

9. Grapefruit margaritas—um, hell yeah!

10. I love these pillows—on the list

Friday Favorites



1. DIY for this weekend

2. You had me at beignet

3. Uh oh…Serial may not have a perfect ending?!

4. Never quit your dream

5. Wit & Delight-great blog

6. I love Jennifer Lawrence

7. I am obsessed with tea-Tin Roof Teas make me swoon

8. Artifact Uprising—yes please

9. I wish I could live in my Pinterest world

10. Put these on my Christmas list-my friends have it and it’s fantastic