Right Now…


WORKING like crazy on Valentine’s Day card orders

LOVING my little family

BRAINSTORMING my new big venture for PAGEFIFTYFIVE-it’s big and I’m excited!

WORKING out with a trainer and pretty much sore every.single.day

FOLLOWING the 21 day fix eating plan and excited—this is my year

READING all of the Newbery Award Winners

WATCHING all seasons of Gilmore Girls over and over—thanks Netflix

EXCITED for the SuperBowl-who is playing? Let’s get real…I just like friends and a party

THINKING about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day already

LOOKING for a new house, but also knowing if it’s suppose to happen, it’ll happen

RESEARCHING new healthy recipes

HOPING for a snowshoe adventure this winter (COME ON SNOW!)

WAITING “patiently” for a new Serial to come out


Right Now…November

mandy and melissa's scavenger hunt 096

READING this book and it’s surprisingly fantastic

PREPARING our Friendsgiving – I’m so excited

WORKING OUT with a trainer is teaching me that it’s important for all sorts of reasons, but eating right is #1 for weight loss

HUNTING for a house-and becoming exhausted with the process

WORKING like crazy at PAGEFIFTYFIVE but trying to keep balance in my life


WAITING “patiently” for this winter break to be over so that tv shows can return

LOVING my dog so much – she’s the best

MAKING a delicious, fresh soup with chicken and avocado—it’s so good

OBSESSING over Instagram—still

STARTING a few new social media sites Ello Keep and Tsu

THINKING about Valentine’s Day designs. Seriously?!

FEELING honored to be a part of Tributarygoods

LOOKING forward to the holidays – Christmas is my favorite time of the year!

Right Now…November

READING this book and loving it
EATING this bread recipe with rosemary potato soup
LOVING our tea nights
FALLING more in love everyday…I didn’t even know it was possible, but it is!
WATCHING a lot of JFK shows on tv
PLANNING what weekend our Christmas tree will be bought
SHOPPING local and Etsy only for Christmas presents
PURGING out the small nooks and crannies of our house
OBSESSING over apple crisp apples. I mean…so good!
STARTING a new gym routine (and patiently waiting for the time I enjoy it)
MARVELING about all Etsy orders coming in
DESIGNING cards for Valentine’s Day…is that even possible?!
RESEARCHING recipes for our Friendsgiving
REMINISCING about Fall (we woke up to snow this morning ha)

Right now…

022 #2waiting “patiently” for the final episodes of breaking bad to be available on Netflix
hoping that this 2 week long ‘something is wrong with my printer’ is now over. phew…
dreaming up ways to decorate our bedroom
obsessing over honey yogurt
REALLY enjoying my new calligraphy class and seeing much, much more practice of the art in my future
ecstatic to have found a fantastic paper distributor in town
working on getting an exercise routine into place
keeping the USPS in business
designing new cards and working on some items just in time for the holiday season
excited about a Christmas trip to San Francisco AND Renegade
wishing for just a few more hours in the day
loving my bike-always
searching for good books-winter time is coming
preparing to start a custom order embroidery hoop
listening to NPR everyday, all day
brainstorming new items for PAGEFIFTYFIVE
opening up a Storenvy shop
learning my camera even better