Friday Favorites


1. Chocolate oat crumble—yes mam!

2. Such a good treat bag for V Day

3. haha…these totally bring me back. I can’t believe how much the world has changed in such a little amount of time

4. Yes…Saved by the Bell was my jam

5. Cures for the common smell-good thing to keep handy

6. I might be old but I didn’t even know Palentine’s was a word—but here’s a bunch of cards good for a pal on V-Day including one of mine!

7. Great info—vacation mode+Etsy

8. I’m originally from Buffalo, NY and this is absolutely perfect


Let’s Chat about Podcasts


Working from home is amazing! I can stay in pajamas until noon if I want, head to do errands without getting permission, eat lunch at 10, bike to the library at random, throw in some laundry in between printing and scoring cards, have friends over for “inspirational meetings” aka to chit chat and have some coffee, meet with clients whenever, make dentist appointments for the middle of the day, listen to music and not have to wear earphones…you get my drift. But along with all of those amazingly good things, there are a few downfalls that are mixed in. The biggest downfall (especially for a social person) is the lack of human interaction that happens throughout my day. I realized the other day that the first time I spoke, or heard my own voice was at 6:30pm-that was a scary realization. Sometimes, I embrace this solitude and sometimes I want to run around in circles screaming and then sprint outside, knock on all my neighbors doors and force them to make me a cup of coffee. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little (notice I said, “a little” because it’s not too far-fetched from some days I have), but one thing that has really, really made me feel like I am human in my solitude is podcasts. I’m telling you…they make me feel like I am hanging out with people all day long. I laugh, I cry, I learn, I get angry, I feel good…but most importantly, I don’t feel so alone. I listen to a TON of different podcasts, but some of my favorites are This American Life (definitely my favorite), The Splendid Table and Joy the Baker.

Check them out on iTunes and let me know what you think! And if you have any more suggestions for me-comment below and share! I’d love to hear about some more amazing podcasts to keep the solitude insanity at bay hehe.