Right Now…


WORKING like crazy on Valentine’s Day card orders

LOVING my little family

BRAINSTORMING my new big venture for PAGEFIFTYFIVE-it’s big and I’m excited!

WORKING out with a trainer and pretty much sore every.single.day

FOLLOWING the 21 day fix eating plan and excited—this is my year

READING all of the Newbery Award Winners

WATCHING all seasons of Gilmore Girls over and over—thanks Netflix

EXCITED for the SuperBowl-who is playing? Let’s get real…I just like friends and a party

THINKING about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day already

LOOKING for a new house, but also knowing if it’s suppose to happen, it’ll happen

RESEARCHING new healthy recipes

HOPING for a snowshoe adventure this winter (COME ON SNOW!)

WAITING “patiently” for a new Serial to come out


Friday Favs


I’ve been a little crazed this week with Valentine’s Day orders and wholesale orders, but not too busy for a Friday Favorites post! These are really my favorite posts because I get to share all of my finds without annoying the crap out of everyone on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts ha. Hope you all have a great weekend!

1. Have you been to MADE in Jackson Hole, WY?! My cards are now available there and I’m beyond excited!

2. Did I tell you all that I started my 21 day challenge?! Well…I’m dying (but in a good way).

3. Yes! I’ve been wanting to make these forever

4. watercolor dip dye stationery DIY….yes!

5. For the love of god-get in my mouth

6. How to keep a clean house-I’m implementing this asap

7. breakfast burritos are my favorite things ever (and you can easily make them 21 day friendly)

8. Danielle from Merriweathercouncil shared some of her favorite creative people to follow on Instagram. Definitely some of the greats!

9. A great post about being busy

Valentine’s Day Cards 2015

I’ve added 10 new Valentine’s day cards to the shop this week and I’m so excited for these! I’ve been working on them for the past few months and was happy to be able to bring a mix of snarky, foul-mouthed, sweet and sassy to the line. Of course, all of the oldies but goodies are still in the shop too. YAY!

Valentine’s Day Cards Are Here!

No rest for the weary is apparently my theme for 2014. If you read my post the other day, then you’ll understand when I say that maybe I need to CREATE rest for myself once in a while haha. But honesty, I LOVE what I’m doing and couldn’t ask for anything else out of life, love or a career right now. Speaking of love (as well as lack of rest), I designed, printed and posted my 2014 Valentine’s Day line!! I am thrilled with how they turned out and couldn’t be more excited! Some are sweet, some are a bit risqué, some are funny, and all are made with love.